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Scientific Conference Producers

For the first time, Angers and the faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences will have the honour of hosting the 44th edition of the International Conference on Medicinal Chemistry. The scientific programme will deal with topics Interfacing Chemical Biology, Natural Products and Drug Discovery.

A large number of drug discovery research programs within pharmaceutical companies and academic laboratories are based on natural products and/or structurally related analogues. These products are considered to exhibit a huge potential in the development of future drugs.

As an active member of the newly established Pole of World Competitiveness named "Anjou-Loire Flowering and Therapeutical Plants Specialist", Angers and its numerous research teams are widely taking part in the innovation and the development of new products with high market value stemming from nature.

During this conference a large number of major and short talks will be given. They will all deal with fundamental organic chemistry, phytochemistry and drug discovery case studies related to the main theme of this 44th edition. Poster sessions will also give the opportunity to everyone attending the conference to present his current research.

To increase the general interest in medicinal chemistry a complete access to the symposium programme will be offered to undergraduate and pre-PhD students for a light contribution (15). Moreover these students are especially invited to participate in the career opportunities session organised on Thursday 3rd July 2008.